Don’t think back. Don’t think ahead. Just don’t think.

Some moments in life have wings. We just need to catch them. Enjoy every moment in our Vintage Truck House. Here and now. Luxuriate in the prized privacy of this truck house.

Here, you have your own small kitchen and pantry, a nice and cozy bedroom, an airy balcony, an open view of the breathtaking mountains and valley, a special shower surrounded by adamantine rock walls,

a cool and gentle breeze, out of this world moonlight and promising sunlight. Being alone is not being lonely. Your stay in this Vintage TATA Truck House will take you to a world beyond this world. And if you are here with your sweetheart, then the bliss is beyond words.

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Area Details:

Tariff :

FOR 2 adults

(children between 8 to 12 years will be charged 500/- +GST)

Extra Person Rs. 1,000/- +GST Tariff includes Breakfast

₹ 6,000 +12% GST

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