Nisarg Resort Kolhapur Zuluk Breeze traditional restaurant


This is a beauty in itself. Located near the spacious courtyard of the resort, Zuluk (in English: Breeze) offers a fantastic variety of experiences.

Traditional, ambient, breezy, fresh, and delicious.

Just after stepping into the restaurant, what you experience is free flowing breeze and open freshness. Typical Maharashtrian wall paintings welcome you and the rich old Marathi culture comes alive!

The Mangalori tiled roofing, rural household utensils leaning against the wall, the lantern, the umbrella, Maharashtrian seating arrangements with its typical upholstery…. everything takes you to the age old rural atmosphere.

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Have a casual stroll around and find some of the wonderful antique pieces like wooden storage boxes, tin storage boxes, old classic wooden desks (Diwanji Table) and cupboards, wooden cradles representing motherly care and love, wooden chessboard, big sized pure copper utensils (One of the utensils which is the largest in size is around 200 years old and has old inscriptions in ancient modi script), household wooden grain mill, IRLA (traditional raincoat worn by farmers while working in the fields), bullock cart and so on. Also take a trip down memory lane by having a look at the nostalgic technological marvels like Yashica CS – 15, Olympus Trip 35, Konica, Bentley, FULVUEFLEX, Polaroid Macro – 5, Polaroid One Step, Polaroid SX – 70 Land cameras, small movie projectors (8 mm and super 8 mm), Panasonic Walkman, MATERIE VST – Very Small TV, Sony Tape Recorders, music cassettes, VCR cassettes, Transistors, Transistors cum Tape Recorders, Parrot Spool Walkman, CARL ANGEL pencil sharpener, PAGE LINK Pager, NOKIA old mobile handset, Switzerland made ALLEGRO shaving razor blade sharpener and many more.

Enjoy a variety of Maharashtrian vegetarian and non – vegetarian dishes prepared by our experienced chefs and served by our prompt and polite restaurant service staff!