Nisarg Resort Kolhapur - Jai-Jui Twin Villa With Bathtub


The literal meaning of ‘Nishigandh’ is the fragrance of the night flower. The flower that blooms at night and its fragrance wafts to the surrounding area. It is the fragrance of sensitive closeness. Between you and your beloved. The moment you step into this wonderful honeymoon suite, the outside world seems not to exist for you.

It is the sweet privacy here that both of you have been yearning for. Tender moments with tender touch. Nishigandh has the delicate touch of the intimacy with all its beauty. An aesthetically designed bathroom is something which will make your moments highly romantic.

Enjoy your special moments in the sit – out here. In the company of nature, rustling leaves and chirping birds. Morning and evening. Absolutely undisturbed privacy. The fragrance will be alive.

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Area Details:

Room Area: 520 sq ft, Sit out Area: 120 sq ft.,Garden Area: 140 sq ft.

Total Area: 780 sq ft.

Two adults and two children (below 8 years)

(children between 8 to 12 years will be charged 500/- +GST)

Extra Person Rs. 1,000/- +GST Tariff includes Breakfast

₹ 7,000 +12% GST