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Six Indian Seasons, Six Wonderful Cottages Valley view cottages with Sitout

Tucked in the serenity of the resort are the small cottages. Ideal for the small families. Here, you can spend your time the way you enjoy. Undisturbed. Your very own. The interiors separate you from the external world and create one desirable world of your own.

Vasant Cottage (Spring): New Hopes

The first green leaves appear in this season.The season is neither too hot or cold in most parts of India. The ambience in this cottage is balanced and even. By staying in this cottage you will feel that you are the King of all seasons (Ruturaj).

Grishma Cottage (Summer): The brightness of life

The Sun is at its best in this season. Experience the happy brightness in this cottage. Experience the Light of optimism here.

Varsha Cottage (Monsoon): The Blessings Shower from the Heaven

The magic of rainfall. Experience the freshness and fluidity of water. Soak in our smooth and continuous hospitality.

Sharad Cottage (Autumn): Arrival of the better in life

In this season, the hot weather recedes gradually in most parts of India. It is festival time in India with the most important Hindu festivals falling during this time – Navarati, Vijayadashami and Sharad Purnima – to name a few.

Hemant Cottage (Before Winter): Festival of Lights and Prosperity

Perhaps the pleasant time of the year across India, including the Festival of Diwali. Feel the positivity, goodness and richness.

Shishir Cottage (Winter): The pleasant coolness

It is in this season that the The New Year Eve arrives. Witness the end of a year and participate in the beginning of a fresh, new year.

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