Valley View Cottage with Sitout & Private Garden

Mogara Cottage with sit out & garden : Closer to the trees

This place oozes the energy of Nature’s friendship.

The play of light and shades that you see in the room is enhanced when you just have a look outside the room. The garden sit out here offers you a fantastic peace of mind, the touch of the greenery, a beautiful opening into the garden full of trees, cool winds, the singing of the birds and much more.

Shishir Cottage with sit out & garden : Grandeur of freshness

Absolute freshness overwhelms you here, by bringing restfulness, comfort and the newness of life.

It is spotlessly clean everywhere. When you are in the open garden sit out, it is a riot of different shades, lines and shapes of Nature. The vines in the garden sit out of your room give you a cool shade.

An added coolness to the entire feel!

Hemant Cottage with sit out & garden : Romantic Breeze

This room has a special touch of romance. This is a place for both of you. While the outside world is busy doing things in a mad rush, this is your own world where, as if, time has stopped. The open garden sit out showers flowers of Gulmohar on you. The togetherness here is made still softer by the pleasant nature outside.

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