‘Paarijaat’ The Stone Cottage

Freedom of staying undisturbed!

The stone cottage is the stay in itself. Constructed in wonderful rustic stones, your stay in this stone cottage leaves no stone unturned in pleasing you! Everything in this cottage reflects a fabulous blend of the simple, old and the exciting modern. The spacious drawing room, two classy bedrooms, and yes, the grand open space with green lawns open your mind to new horizons.

Just sit in the open green space in front of the cottage or sit in the small terrace, the touch of the blowing breeze and fantastic openness holds you spellbound.

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, evening coffee, and dinner under a starlit sky – everything could be alfresco here on the green lawns.

Just walk bare feet on the grass and let the soft touch of the wet grass soothe your feet. Watch your toddlers frolic and run with excitement on these lawns. You can perform your Yoga and Pranayama ….or have a nice chat with your parents, in this fresh, breezy atmosphere.

It’s a perfect, special holiday gift for your family.

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The Stone Cottage

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