About Nisarg Resort Kolhapur

Group Business Philosophy

Family values and strong emotional bonding run through the entire Bedekar group. The group has risen from humble beginnings to the present state. The group owes its present success to the entrepreneurial zeal of Mr. Madhavrao Bedekar and Mrs Malati Bedekar. The entire Bedekar family business is based on the foundation of ethics laid by both of them. The trust and a solid sense of commitment are reflected in all the group companies. Love for honesty, quality and customer delight is the watchword of the Bedekar Group.

Nisarg Resort -Experience the sound of silence.

NISARG. It’s a Sanskrit word for NATURE.

Here experience lack of city hassles. The hassles created by modern man. It’s only here that you will experience the serene sound of nothingness. It’s from nothingness that everything is born.


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